Goodbye Roo , fly free over Rainbow Bridge

Today has been a very sad day for all the family , our beautiful ginger tabby Roo (aka Roo Boogaloo / Cheeky Monkey) crossed Rainbow Bridge during the early hours of the morning.

She was nearly 8 and we wish we knew what had happened , she was fine yesterday , went to bed as normal and passed away in her sleep .

She had been with us 5 years since turning up as a stray in the garden that nobody knew where she came from, we called her Pumpkin originally, that got changed to Ruby before finally sticking with Roo.

Roo was a very independent cat, if she didn’t want to come in after playing she wouldn’t – in the summer it was hell to get her in we literally had to leave the door open and hide behind it when she sneaked it to get it shut lol

Where I live is a cul de sac and next to a park , I hated her going up there as dogs get walked and could easily have chased her onto the main road

She loved chasing the squirrels and times I had to take mice off her before she decided to see “if it’s batteries needed changing” , she was a cheeky monkey, but loved posing with her “pumpkin” hat on.  She adored her “licky lix”, encore dinners , even discovered her love for smoked salmon over this Christmas when she kept stealing it from my best friend’s sandwich when he was staying with us for the holidays .

She has now been buried , with her favourite blankets and best toy “brown bear” that she took everywhere in the house , even though she managed to pull one of his arms off palying too roughly  her grave is near Hatty in the garden who died in 2010 , we’ve planted a mini rose and daffodils , when the weather improves we’ll add more spring bulbs and wildflower seeds , and have ordered a slate memorial marker for her final resting place .

Sleep tight beautiful girl , life won’t be the same without you , the others miss you already , but I know over Rainbow Bridge you’ll be reunited with your friends Smudgie, Emily, Sock, Darcy, Olly, Louie, Tibs, Harley, as well as the brothers and sisters you never knew Harry, Catty, Hatty, Poppy, Theo, and Daisy.

With all the photos we have of you you will never be forgotten and nobody can ever replace you

We love you Monkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Morning off in Minsk 🇧🇾

So despite the chilly weather took a 1/2 hour journey to the reservoir for some fresh air

Melbourne to Sydney

So that’s another city done with ! Still can’t understand why management never booked dates in Adelaide but it’s down to the good old footfall excuse

Off to Sydney later and then 2 1/2 days off before heading to Brisbane !!

Oh and of course a trip overseas wouldn’t be right without testing the local food – cat food that is so this is all coming back to the UK with me