Chronic Illness / invisible illness

Chronic Illness / invisible illness

This is me

How would you say I look ?

Well ? Fine ? Healthy ? Ok ?

I’ve got polyradiculopathy – basically my immune system is causing my motor nerves to stop working

Now do you still think I look healthy ??

This is what I and others get a lot – because we’re not in a wheelchair / because we don’t look like we’re at deaths door then we’re ok

And do you know who makes the most hurtful comments ? Teenagers ? NO , people my age ? NO , it’s OAP’s and people so ignorant who think if it’s something they know nothing about you’re making it up

Let’s take the pensioners first , I have a card from TFL here it is

I wouldn’t wear the badge as it’s huge lol but times I have been told that I shouldn’t be sitting in the priority seats on buses and tubes by the pensioners or told to stop being so ignorant and move my arse – showing them that usually shuts them up do they apologise do they hell

Same when you try to explain the condition on the phone to someone who doesn’t understand I get the same thing you’re making it up

Polyradiculopathy there is no cure for no treatment for them to say hey 6 months time you’ll be ok

To see me I have a limp that’s all – to look inside me you would see damaged nerves everywhere – imagine cutting open an electric cable all those bits of copper and wire are like my nerves

Ever seen a stick of broccoli ๐Ÿฅฆ? Before it’s been picked ?? That’s what my spine is like they’re called haemangioamas , non cancerous but would you like to go through chemo for them to grow back again ?? No neither would I

So when you ask someone how are you and you know they’ve got an invisible or chronic illness really mean what you’re saying – how are you , is there anything I can do to help ? Do you want to talk ?

We’re not looking for pity but we’re not looking for your patronising glances either when we tell you there’s something wrong with us Would you tell a blind person you don’t look blind if they don’t have their guide dog or white stick with them ? No you wouldn’t

Just remember not all illnesses are visible to the naked eye but if you want to know more then just ask I won’t bite


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