Band management 🎡 πŸŽΆ

Band management 🎡 πŸŽΆ

Working for a band that is high up the ladder when we have a support band we make them feel like they are the same level we involve them their crew etc etc

Then there are the times we are asked to support someone , The Osbourne Management team are a bunch of amateurs

Start of the tour was fine then the San Francisco show got cancelled , of course the remaining 3 shows are going ahead

Fast forward 2 days oh actually the San Diego and Hollywood Bowl shows are being rescheduled but you won’t be doing them , at this point we all said the same thing just cancel the Vegas show and stop having us hang around like spare parts

What happens Thursday ???!!!? Vegas show cancelled and all rescheduled dates cancelled

So why not consider the crews etc and say that on the Tuesday

No it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

One thing is for certain if I have the misfortune of the guys being added to the same line up as Osbourne ANYWHERE

Just glad I’m off for 4 weeks and then go back to headline shows


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