It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So as we were down to the last few UK shows we had a late start at the venue in South London so time off meant me being dragged Christmas shopping by the yanks.

Having worked in London for years first thing I noticed were they are using the same decorations in Covent Garden they have had for the last 4 years

From Covent Garden went to Carnaby Street and Liberty’s – the latter being the ultimate rip off charging Β£1 for a pine cone the same as you would pick up in a park

Then I had to go and make my credit cards cry in Victoria’s Secret, nipped in John Lewis to see Moz the under the bed monster (this is from their Christmas advert)

Then it was the bus back to Brixton before stopping off at the Bowie memorial before heading to the venue

Christmas on Oxford Street
Bowie memorial in Brixton
Moz the monster at John Lewis
Well I just had to
REALLY these are free in any park
Liberty store
it’s christmas not carnival season
Tree at Covent Garden
Hot Chocolate Time
Piazza at Covent garden
A very rare sight
same decorations for 4 years

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